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Hey, Al!

Since you did not see this on the news last night, I will share this with you….as a public service, of course. Attention Al Sharpton I’m doing my part to help this go viral. Will you help?

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What Have We Done?

Little by little, those who hate America and all we stand for have been dismantling our society by virtue of public education and the media. The result, young adults like this…unbelieveable! The entire story can be found here Ten Mile … Continue reading

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War on Women?

Me Thinks thou protest a bit too much….and look in the mirror, baby. What I see are attacks arising from those doing the name calling. You know, all those people that rant and rave about how we need to be … Continue reading

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Another What If?

Please consider this another chapter in the “Things that should be in the news, but are not” category. I came across this earlier today and it provides several, historical examples of while the death of Trayvon is tragic, it is … Continue reading

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Allen Coon vs Trayvon Martin

One of the blogs that I follow (I’m still home schooling myself in Social Studies) is called The Western Experience. Here is a very interesting piece that Jason put together…It is a tale of two stories. Unfortunately, both are distressing … Continue reading

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