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Driving Towards The Daylight

I came accross this live,  accoustic version of my favorite Joe Bonamassa song and thought you might like to hear it. (The costumes of the backup singers are just a bit unusual)   Driving  Towards The Daylight, the Lyrics: by Joe Bonamassa … Continue reading

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Again, Again

Once again, (first mentioned here: Again)  I woke up this morning with a song  on my mind.  I could not shake it and it kept playing inside my head,  over and over again. I am becoming a big fan of … Continue reading

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The Young & The Old

I was showing my wife how she could use YouTube to find concerts to watch and I stumbled on this…Ian Anderson and two masters of the six strings, having at it. Martin Lancelot Barre, one of the founding members of … Continue reading

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Happier Times

Recent distractions  have caused  me to  overlook a mile-post of sorts, (pun intended), when I failed to notice that  Coming Attractions  was the 2,700th post published herein, admitting without hesitation,  that some posts have been  much better than others. I’d like … Continue reading

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