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Winning Away

Most neighborhoods have an alpha leader. Cool, calm and a real badass. This  being the first weekend of college football season, I’ll use a football analogy. This cat takes his game to his opponent’s home field and wins a quick, … Continue reading

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An Excerpt

Last week, I ordered a book about a very special man. His name is Danny Dietz. His website is sponsored by a dear friend and mentor, Jim Rudolph of Veterans Funeral Care. He was portrayed by Emile Hirsch in the … Continue reading

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Lt. Lynn D. “Buck” Compton, RIP

Let us all take a minute today to remember and pray for the soul of this great, American Hero. I received this e-mail a few moments ago from Jim Rudolph…. Not very many people know that the Judge that sentenced … Continue reading

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We Are The 53%

I started to hear about this on the radio this afternoon. Kurt is ahead of me with this…check it out…I did and I am in the 53%. Read about it here at CulturalOffering.com There are two quotes that come to … Continue reading

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Other Signs of Spring

Another sure sign that Spring is on the way is that the Bradford Pear trees blossom and then shed their buds. If the wind is just right, it resembles snow blowing through the air…at 70 degrees. Soon we will experience … Continue reading

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