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Update From The Religion Of Peace

I know this is not politically correct, but you will not hear about this on the nightly news. Scenes like this are coming soon to a community near you and you better pay attention. I believe I have heard our … Continue reading

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That Would Suck

Lindsey proclaims: “If we don’t attack Syria, Iran might nuke Charleston Harbor” Just another example of why challengers are lining up for the primary….Lucky for the citizens of SC.

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This Is Not Going To End Well…

…so says Robert Spencer. Consider this another “Public Service, Social Studies Lesson”, because you are sure as hell not going to see this on the evening news. On my way to a meeting yesterday, I heard a story on the … Continue reading

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The Arab Spring Heats Up

Picture Gomer Pyle saying, “Surprise, surprise, surprise” (Better yet, click on the link and hear it for yourself) The Arab Spring has heated up a bit…complete with modern day crucifixions. Of course, you will not see this on the news … Continue reading

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Jihad This

I was doing some late season, Spring cleaning today and came across a box of old FujiFilm 100MB Zip Disks…remember those?…big time storage in it’s day. Luckily, I still have a USB zip drive reader and it even works on … Continue reading

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Something You Won’t Hear About On The Evening News

I came across this column and believe the message is important enough that I should post it and let the 50 or so people that read this blog on a typical day decide if it’s important or not for them. … Continue reading

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Paranoid… Or Paying Attention?

Once again, I wonder if posting this type of article is helpful, but like I state, this blog is about “the world according to me” and this topic, as uncomfortable as it is to read, is of great concern to … Continue reading

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