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…Or To Die For A Cause Somewhere

I was home  the last few days while my wife and daughters were up visiting family (and building snowmen) in NJ. I’ll be making the trip to visit in two weeks and hopefully the weather will cooperate. Tending to the … Continue reading

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Magpies That Shriek

In a bit of a “Tull” mood today. Jack-A-Lynn was released on the “20 Years of Jethro Tull” CD collection in 1988 (it was a Christmas present from my wife that year). The song could possibly one of the most … Continue reading

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As The Robin Craves The Summer

From the Heavy Horses Album… The Lyrics: The Rover I chase your every footstep And I follow every whim. When you call the tune I’m ready To strike up the battle hymn. My lady of the meadows, My comber of … Continue reading

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She Was A Good Enough Reason For Party

Jethro Tull, live with …..Budapest….from the Crest of a Knave album There have been numerous incarnations of Jethro Tull, but this video features my favorite. Ian Anderson Martin Barre Jonathon Noyce Doane Perry Andrew Giddings The song is complicated, syncopated, … Continue reading

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Blogging Breather

Something tells me that a little blogging break is in order. I need to practice my parts for the band have have been negligent. I also need to find some fresh material….do not worry, it won’t take long….usually less than … Continue reading

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Oh, Mr. President…

A song about current events……but written in 1982. Sort of like back to the future or Atlas Shrugged.

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Funky Claude, RIP

Many of you will remember the song, Smoke On The Water, the 1972 hit by Deep Purple. In the second verse, there is a mention of “Funky Claude”, “who was running in and out…” After reading the tribute by Ian … Continue reading

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Where The Blue Hare Races

A Happy Song…to go along with all the doom and gloom. From the Heavy Horses Album……

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It Is Almost That Time

…for Christmas Music. Well, I suppose if I post this, it is time, not almost time…. From the Jethro Tull Christmas Album

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The previous post is about Scotch. Scotch makes me think of the trip we will take to Scotland one of these days Scotland makes me think of Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull Which makes me think of Tull songs….like this … Continue reading

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The Doyles

From Andrew Giddings… Music that melts stress away… (With apologies to the Collage series from the 1990’s)

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Wooten Basset Town

Since we are in Memorial Day weekend, I thought it might be interesting to recognize our colleagues across the big pond with a song from the new, Thick As A Brick, II (TAAB2) album by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull … Continue reading

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Dot Com

A song dedicated to all of the many people who, one way or another, found their true love online.(?) From the 1999 album of the same name, recorded live in 2003 at Montreaux, Switzerland. (lyrics printed below) … … … … Continue reading

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Broadford Bazaar.

Tomorrow morning I will be driving to Lexington, (SC) to help at a fundraiser “rummage sale” for a group that I serve on the board of directors of called Joy in The Mourning. Hopefully, there will be enough visitors to … Continue reading

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John Barleycorn

Reading my daily blogs, I noticed that my buddy, Steve Layman had posted a video of the classic, Traffic song, “John Barleycorn Must Die“…click here to go to Steve’s blog and see the song performed live by Traffic. I remembered … Continue reading

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