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The Truth Be Told

Here is a pull quote from a column by the lady who is always Wright.  Was that a slip or just a glimpse of honesty? You can read the rest of the story here:  A Proposal

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The Stories Blogs Are Made For

Augusta Blogger, JennyIsWright recently posted a column about the state of downtown and how there are opposing forces at work. Last night, we ventured across the bridge into the Peach State for an art show, and a sidewalk dinner. The … Continue reading

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That Time Of Year

It is that time of the year…Spring… April…Pollen… and … The Masters. Yesterday, I observed that there was more traffic and more people driving the wrong way on our one-way streets in Aiken…a sure sign of things to come. I … Continue reading

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Je ne parle pas français…

….but my daughter Megan does (she has been taking French for eight years now) and she wrote that for me. (title translated:I do not speak French) That woman from the other side of the Savannah River opines on some French, … Continue reading

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As A Matter Of Fact…..

When Jenny writes….I re-blog. After spending most of this week in the hospital and doctors offices with my dad, my independent, non-scientific research indicates that Jenny did not have to make this up. I Don’t Just Watch, I Listen

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And She Will Call It “Resolutions”

“Borrowing” this column is becoming part of my Friday morning routine. She starts it off with this cartoon… …and then explains it here: Resolutions-Schmesolutions

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