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The Truth Be Told

Here is a pull quote from a column by the lady who is always Wright.  Was that a slip or just a glimpse of honesty? You can read the rest of the story here:  A Proposal

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A Post About Death. Imagine That?

A story about: Life and death…. Using small funerals to prepare for big funerals….. Remembering someone accurately the way they were in life. “Charbonay”…. A heart warming story that Jenny calls 101 Years She “gets” it.

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Yes, Magic

Because she likes a list….…especially a random one. I’m taking a break tonight, but giving you some “Wright Insight” into parenting. Jenny….you are a great story teller. Do you have one of these?

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You Can Survive This

A few evenings ago, I was thinking of a follow-up to the “Time” post. I was preparing to tell a story about how I met someone that day who I thought was about ten years older than I was and … Continue reading

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Hope & Reality

Time is closing in and in three weeks, I’ll be on my way home from depositing daddy’s little girl at Marquette. Hard to believe. Jenny is always Wright and a great story-teller. This week, she chimes in about her experience … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Back

My daughters are getting older….25, 22, 18…the questions and the concerns are fewer and farther between. I can only hope and pray that we set a good example (most of the time at least) and now it is time to … Continue reading

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Point- Mom

Often re-blogged, today’s is extra good. Mean kids suck. I blame their parents. So do I. I am always amazed when I hear parents say that they want to be their children’s friend. I am never shocked when I meet … Continue reading

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On Being A Dad

It has been suggested by a certain daughter of mine that I create a blog about an experience she had yesterday with one of her best friends. When she made the request, she did not yet know that she had … Continue reading

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Je ne parle pas français…

….but my daughter Megan does (she has been taking French for eight years now) and she wrote that for me. (title translated:I do not speak French) That woman from the other side of the Savannah River opines on some French, … Continue reading

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Training Children To Be Parents

Jenny makes it all so clear…here

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As A Matter Of Fact…..

When Jenny writes….I re-blog. After spending most of this week in the hospital and doctors offices with my dad, my independent, non-scientific research indicates that Jenny did not have to make this up. I Don’t Just Watch, I Listen

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And She Will Call It “Resolutions”

“Borrowing” this column is becoming part of my Friday morning routine. She starts it off with this cartoon… …and then explains it here: Resolutions-Schmesolutions

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Random Posts From Accross The 13th Street Bridge

From posts of the year gone by…. According to Jenny….. This list reminds me of the “What’s News” headline box on the front page of the Wall Street Journal…it makes you want to read the rest of the story. 15 … Continue reading

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Progress, Not Perfection

As usual, Jenny is Wright. We actually started moving in that direction this year….progress, not perfection. If it was not for the lady’s tennis team (and husbands) party at our home last evening, we might still have our Halloween decorations … Continue reading

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Parents Perogative

Jenny says….“Because I’m The Mommy Now, Thats Why”. I altered the title slightly…but the story is the same….For those of us who know…no explanation is needed. For those of you that do not, no explanation is possible.

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