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This Morning At The Horseshoe

While not an unexpected  surprise, Cole finally closed the deal this morning and proposed to our daughter, Elissa (aka Jelly) at the Horseshoe located at the University of South Carolina   This was a thought out and well-planned event. I predicted … Continue reading

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Earlier, our youngest daughter posted a photo of her and Barry Cook that was taken during a visit today.  Who is Barry Cook, you ask? This story began 15 years ago: It was August of 2002 and our oldest daughter, … Continue reading

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From The Pens of 5th Graders

This is one of those posts that is best  read by using the link to the blog page. Our youngest daughter had some scheduled surgery yesterday involving her sinues and adjacent bony structures.  I would show a picture, but it … Continue reading

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North By North West

Tomorrow, my honey and I are flying  out of town to visit a college friend of mine  (and his sweetie) who have invited us for a long weekend.  It’s been almost forever since we have done anything like this and … Continue reading

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My Souvenir

My needs are simple. Daughter, Elissa (aka Jelly)  was at the final round of The Masters today, but needed to leave before the tournament ended. The story began here  Year Six Knowing how to suck up to the old man, … Continue reading

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The Morning Of Year Six

Just a few moments ago, Jelly & LC left for Augusta to spend the day camped out at “their spot” at the 8th tee box. The story from last years, with links going back.  Advice for the day; Second Installment … Continue reading

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A Birthday Party

I would think you are getting tired of seeing our pack of Labs.  I promise this will be the last one for a while. Maggie turned 13 today. Jelly decided to have a party. We tried to get all four … Continue reading

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Colors And Birthdays

Our daughter Elissa, aka “Jelly” took this photograph yesterday of our Big Red with his favorite thing.  (besides food).   I love the contrast of the colors.  This made the rounds on Twitter and FB yesterday, but I wanted to … Continue reading

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Channeling Someone, But Who?

This photo was taken during our last gig, two weeks ago.   It reminded me of an album cover.  At first, I thought it was from a Carlos Santana record. When a search turned up with “No Match,” I thought … Continue reading

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All Labs Matter

Remember, if you open the column in your browser, the pictures will be bigger and can also be further enlarged, providing an enhanced, reading experience. . . It startted with our youngest daughter sending this earlier: Then, I decided it … Continue reading

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Dinner Conversation

Daughter #2 is learning the ins and outs of being a 5th grade teacher, especially that sometimes you just have to laugh at life. Dinner conversation  this evening included these “smile generators:”    

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I Finally Remembered

The back story can be found here: And The Worst Part Was . . . The good news was that because I have access to a company vehicle, my personal car spends most of it’s time sitting in the driveway … Continue reading

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Tossing One Back

In honor of Throwback Thursday…..

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Nothing Will Interfere. Nothing.

Tonight, I will sit in front of a TV and watch a show that will provide a re-wind of my entire life. I will sit from start to end and  nothing short of the death of a close family member … Continue reading

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The Back Story

Some of you have asked about the header picture of Galway Bay. Our middle daughter, Elissa spent a summer semester studying  in Ireland a few years ago and took a plethora of photographs.  I particularly liked the one used, because … Continue reading

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