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Poetry is not something I have learned to appreciate, but every once in a while something reaches out and grabs me. The poem attached to the following link is found at an interesting blog that I discovered a few weeks … Continue reading

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Kelly Hartland has a very interesting blog, made of aphorisms, such as: Speech Impediment

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Another Example

Another example of interesting news that you probably will not see at 6pm….and why I like to find new blogs. Understanding Personal Loss Through Experience You could spend an entire day on this blog…better than CSI…..real and very personal.

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Face to Face

As I awoke this morning, I checked for messages and found a comment on one of my posts. Typically, when that happens, I try to see if that person has a blog or a website and see what they are … Continue reading

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I came across this quote yesterday while reading Steve Felix’s blog: “Business has always suffered from the problem of the urgent driving out the important.” Credited to The Korn Ferry Institute Briefings How true that is. In our personal lives … Continue reading

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He’s Back!

Eclecticity is back after a brief hiatus…enjoy his mastheads and news from near and far.

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Another Blog To Visit

One of my good buddies, Doug, started blogging way before I did. Doug shows his rapier wit with his writings and little bits and pieces of esoteric information. He also drops some interesting music/videos in there to keep it fresh. … Continue reading

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