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Good Enough To Share Again

Getting a jump on tomorrow……. A good story to re-cyle:  Happy Father’s Day. In my house, with my wife and daughters…every day is father’s day…. it just is.        

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Here is a cute cartoon…not cute, joyful. Saw it on Overheard in The Sacristy Sadly, there are probably folks (not any of my regular readers, of course) who when seeing the cartoon will ask, “Is that a safe thing to … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

If one was to search for the origin of this holiday, there are several options to chose from, but I’ll pick this version. This is a bit of an unusual Father’s Day as I am working this weekend, my wife … Continue reading

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Birth Comes To Us All

As I begin to get in the mood of acknowledging the upcoming Father’s Day holiday, I thought it might be nice to start off with a thirty three year old ballad from The Good Rats. This piece is really a … Continue reading

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