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Smarter than a 4th Grader?

If Steve Layman lived in Aiken, instead of 560 miles away in Licking County, OH, I would probably be at his house every evening…making a pest of myself. Smarter than a fourth grader?

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Food At A Funeral?

Sure….we do it all the time, starting with our freshly baked cookies, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. If we were located in Pennsylvania (and several other states), we would be in violation of state law which prohibits any food on … Continue reading

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Got Me

I was reading my daily blogs and came across this article from a guy who builds furniture and I thought he was interested in building government approved mirrors and getting in on the action. I fell for it. One of … Continue reading

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SCOTUS vs Obama

Here is a thought provoking article regarding the President and the Supreme Court. I was surprised by some of the suggestions found later on in the article, but like the author states….eveyone has opinions. From Sodahead.com Obama may be in … Continue reading

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A Heartbeat Away?

Why work when you can be a career politician?….directly from the horse’s mouth Here is a snippet, HT Jason: According to a White House pool report, Biden, surrounded by the city’s movers and shakers, praised former Mayor Richard M. Daley … Continue reading

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Allen Coon vs Trayvon Martin

One of the blogs that I follow (I’m still home schooling myself in Social Studies) is called The Western Experience. Here is a very interesting piece that Jason put together…It is a tale of two stories. Unfortunately, both are distressing … Continue reading

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One Second After

As I observe what is taking place in our Country politically and economically, I have unintentionally stumbled into a few, insightful men and women who have been paying closer attention than I have and who are taking precautions so as … Continue reading

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This I Learned While I Shivered

This past Saturday afternoon, shortly after completing a funeral service, I became host to that most dreaded and unwelcome visitor…the flu. I spent the next forty-eight hours in bed. I don’t think I have ever felt that bad in my … Continue reading

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A Few Reasons

When I began to explain my succession plan with the Big Announcement From Aiken (?), I mentioned that I may or may not give some reasons. I’ve decided to start. First, a very telling and cogent article found this morning … Continue reading

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Ever Think About This?

I came across this earlier today. Anyone out there paying attention? HT..PJMedia Screening for Terrorists vs. Screening For Cancer It’s a short article, but if you are in a rush, here is the last paragraph: Our government currently tells air … Continue reading

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Big (?) News From Aiken

In this morning’s Aiken Standard there is an article that mentions that I have taken the steps that assure an organized succession of ownership at my business. George Funeral Home Sold, Director to Stay To Better Aid Families I wish … Continue reading

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The Great Pumpkin Revisited

And they called Charlie Brown a Blockhead? Thanks, Ron.

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Sharing Without Asking

Taken from my before dinner reading.. Jeannie DeAngelis, writing in The American Thinker Blog….Sharing Without Asking. Thought provoking, to say the least. As I watch the OWS protests, I cannot help but observe a generation of moochers, whiners and morons. … Continue reading

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Thanks, Steve

As I read the countless blog posts about the death of Steve Jobs, I was starting to feel as I did when Michael Jackson died…weary of the coverage. I decided I wasn’t going to add to the adoring clutter. Then … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Different

This was sent to me this afternoon. It made me smile. Thanks Carla. It’s time for something frivolous.

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