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A Butler With A Dumb Name

Today: Ramblings of a middle aged man…me This morning, I received an e-mail with a link to a Kickstarter account….see Peppi Marchello link below. Many of you are probably familiar with Kickstarter as it is a way for people to … Continue reading

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Music to Start New Week

It was 1978 and The Good Rats were one of the bands that ruled the Long Island area music scene. Combining hard, driving rock with Jazzy riffs and the range of Peppi Marchello’s voice, they were “The One, The Only, … Continue reading

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Birth Comes To Us All

As I begin to get in the mood of acknowledging the upcoming Father’s Day holiday, I thought it might be nice to start off with a thirty three year old ballad from The Good Rats. This piece is really a … Continue reading

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City Liners

Someone is finally getting some of the original Good Rats songs on the web. This has always been one of my favorites…about growing up in the city….in the good ol’ days. From the “Birth Comes To Us All” Album.

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Tasty… Like This Man Here.

Music for getting ready for a new week of toil. The title track from the “Tasty” album, by the one, the only, …..The Good Rats. This was the song that got the most airplay of their entire catalogue…although not nearly … Continue reading

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