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A New Story

Spending the last 38 years in funeral service, I have met countless clergy and heard more “funeral messages” than I can even begin to count. For Christians, the funeral message is the part of a funeral that  reinforces our belief … Continue reading

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On Prayer

Once a man was asked, “What do you gain by regularly praying to God?” “Nothing,” was his response. “But let me tell you what I lose: anger, ego, greed, depression, insecurity, selfishness, and fear of death.” Sometimes the answer to … Continue reading

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The Dreams That Have Escaped You…

How many immediately recognize those words? (You need to have a few years under your belt) John Denver was a great song writer and singer. He got a little weird as time went on. OK, a lot weird, but his … Continue reading

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Monday Reminder

This is not a typical panel for me, but I just cannot get it out of my head since seeing it Saturday evening. This is as good a week as any to ponder these words……

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On Atheists

A Picture is worth a thousand words….Another Chesterton quote.

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