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Diversification Gone Awry

   Due in part because of societal changes,  it’s getting more and more difficult to be profitable in funeral service and the future belongs to those with good ideas. This was not a good idea: Border Patrol find 67 lbs of … Continue reading

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Stop Saying This Happened For A Reason

Re-blogged from Blogging Molly,  published by O’Connor Mortuary in California. This a very good overview of a question many of us  ask on almost a daily basis. Stop saying, “This happened for a reason.” A De-bunking of Christian Narratives on … Continue reading

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A Somber Memory

Those of us who work, or have worked in emergency services or death care, all have our stories; those events that were etched into our memories, often in blood, never to fade until we ourselves take our last breath. This … Continue reading

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After four weeks in my new position, I have finally located all the rest rooms and feel I am able to begin to contribute as opposed to simply observing.. It has been shocking to me as I experience the differnces … Continue reading

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Writing The Pages

The introduction to the next chapter of our lives is underway.  After being recruited for and  turning down two  job offers over the last year, the third was the charm, and in a few weeks, after living in South Carolina … Continue reading

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Normal? Nothing Normal Here

Dale Clock is an interesting guy.  He works hard and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s a funeral director, a musician with a band, a business owner, a visionary,  an actor, a caregiver, a husband and a father. Oh, and did … Continue reading

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Ah, finally something about funeral service. This is supposed to be a blog about funeral service, right? I saw this article today.  Jeff and I are casually acquainted and it wasn’t too long ago that we had a discussion along … Continue reading

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Caught Between a Rock…

…and a hard place. The Wizard of Id cartoon series made several references to funerals over the years. This cartoon illustrates an important point. Some time ago…..twenty years or so, I answered the funeral home phone and it was a … Continue reading

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Another Change

I recently heard of the sale of the Aurora Casket Co. to a private equity firm from New York. My mentor and friend, Todd VanBeck chimes in here: Another Change to the Funeral Horizon Todd and I go back to … Continue reading

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