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One of the younger members of our staff recently asked me if I had ever watched the series, Six Feet Under, adding that she didn’t think  I would like that kind of thing. Of course I did, the first season … Continue reading

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Switch Gears

The other day, I wrote about taking some quiet time with Snickers,  MBFF. As we sat on out front porch, I listened to the  birds. They sounded happy. Why hadn’t I noticed them before?   It caused me to recall … Continue reading

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Some Days, My Job Sucks

Today was a tough day. I cried at work and it has been a while since that has happened. Not that crying is unusual at my workplace, it’s just that I’m usually not the one doing it. Before I tell … Continue reading

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Status Update

“Every now and then I know it’s kind of hard to tell,  but I’m still alive and well.” Have you ever had a week that each evening, when you finally got home, you felt like Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate … Continue reading

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Life Through Our Eyes

It appears that Lauren is involved in a thirty-day challenge.   I missed the first several days because of Situational Awareness, Pt. II. Our jobs provide us with unique perspectives on life. An illustration of that would be,  How very … Continue reading

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I Would Tend To Agree

A few days ago, one of our daughters (Elissa, aka “Jelly”) texted me a link to an article. I was driving at the time and it slipped my mind until I received another text from her and saw the previous … Continue reading

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Maybe, Just Maybe…..

Yesterday, I was once again, reminded of the joy than can occur when we allow ourselves to be open to possibilities. On Thursday evening, we hosted a visitation for a man who died after a long illness…a few months short … Continue reading

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