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Old Friends

It has been too long since I quoted Michael Wade on these pages…way too long. Feeling worse  that I had to find this cogent  explanation on Nicholas Bate’s blog. Decoding Corporate Waffle.     I’m sensing a theme with the … Continue reading

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Simple is Often Better

Michael Wade shows us the way for a successful Monday. Follow his simple instructions for a positive outcome.

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History Repeating Itself

Michael Wade references The Fall of The Roman Empire Sound familiar? Attitudes towards religion, sex and death also appear hauntingly similar. Some references to the book can be found here

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Another Window

It was said well here, that one of the benefits of blogging is to be able to see life through the window of another person. Here is a view through the window of a very insightful man..Michael Wade. His view … Continue reading

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No Drums?

If this wasn’t so sad, it would be very, very funny. Well, maybe it is funnier than it is sad as they learn from their mistakes. I read Michael Wade’s blog every day and never fail to learn something…. You … Continue reading

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In Case You Are Not Paying Attention

Over the last few months, I have noticed more houses that I have been in have front loading washers. I brushed it off as a new trend for the housewife that has everything. Silly me. Here is the real story … Continue reading

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