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More on the Papal Election

Can it be hacked? Doug went and looked for the answer and you can find it by clicking on the link once you get here.

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Happy Birthday SVU

Three years ago today, I started this blog. The inspiration came from Doug and was nurtured by several others, especially Kurt and Steve. The first entry was, How It All Began It has been three years, 1,290 posts, over 50,000 … Continue reading

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Long Ride Home

I spent my “day off” yesterday speaking at a veterans workshop in Columbia, SC and visiting the construction site of our new cremation facility, also to be located in Columbia. I am going “full-circle” back to the days (and place) … Continue reading

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Kurt Talks And People Listen

In just a few weeks, SVU blog will celebrate three years of doing whatever it is that I am doing. During that time, I have been the beneficiary of suggestions from those already in the trenches (and from some folks … Continue reading

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Bless Their Hearts

The Big “E” made me laugh yesterday. Come, have a seat in the theatre (unless he changed the masthead again) and enjoy the show. Sh*t Southern Women Say I am sure someone will take exception with parts of these, two, … Continue reading

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Fraud At The Highest Levels

Doug talks about it here…with some very compelling props to make the point: Putting The Fiscal Cliff Tax Hike in Perspective For me, this poster sums it all up.

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Where Else Can You Read About Things Like This?

One of the most eclectic blogs I read, aside from Eclecticity. is entitled Naked Capitalism It is an amusing and informative collection of daily articles. Here is a story from today: Woman With Runny Nose Turns Out To Have A … Continue reading

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Yea, We Have An Ap For That

This is such “Classic Kurt” New, Helpful Aps A list/description of eight Aps that really will, no, REALLY WILL improve your life.

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A Manager on Managing

Doug is a manager who trains managers. This is his insight. If it were only that simple…..

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Obama I Used To Know

A quirky post before leaving for work…Leave it to “E” This is well done and accurate “music video” by some pro Obama kids….thanks Doug The Obama That I Used To Know

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A Lifetime

Steve Layman reminds me of a lesson that I have yet to fully learn. A Lifetime Doug and I were talking last night about who we would pick if we could pick who our neighbors were…you know, a planned community….by … Continue reading

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Behind Every Picture…

…there is probably a very interesting story. From my buddy, Doug @ Eclecticity….. Stuff Happens

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Hot Chocolate

Today was the 24th Annual St. Mary Help of Christians School Chocolate Festival. To say that it was “Hot Chocolate” was an understatement…86 degrees when we got done playing! The skies were blue, the sun was bright and the crowd … Continue reading

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What Should We Name Him?

Good point…how about your mother’s maiden name or your favorite teacher?…. Found at Eclecticity

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Like A Trophy…

…in Sublime Seclusion. From The secret Language of Birds, by Ian Anderson One of my top ten…give or take one or two. If you are a Tull fan, you might want to consider clicking on a post by Eclecticity….It is … Continue reading

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