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They’re Still Alive?

Rarely will I spend almost nine minutes watching any video.  My attention span for such things is not that long. However, I lost track of time and watched this to the end and you might too.  This is entertaining and … Continue reading

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The Old Normal

Oberserved this morning at Eclecticty Light, the second love child of my blogging mentor, Doug.

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It Has Been Said . . .

. . . that you will be the same peson in five years that you are today, except for what you read and who you associate with. Here is a way get two for the price of one. 25 Blogs … Continue reading

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Seventeen Inches

Do yourself a favor today and take a few minutes and read this “remarkable, incredible, heartwarming and instructive” story, lifted from the pages of Eclecticity Light. Doug, the guy who got me started on this blogging path,  throws some pretty … Continue reading

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Indeed. I do not impress easily.  I do however, acknowledge and applaud excellence.    Watch this demonstration by Lars Andersen and then I challenge you to tell me it is not one of the coolest, videos you have ever seen.  Malcolm … Continue reading

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2,191 Days Ago . . .

. .  is when “A Simple Village Undertaker” was born at the urging of my friend and blogging maven, Doug.  You can find him at his original site “Eclecticity” and his current endeavor, Eclecticity Light.   Today, so you don’t have … Continue reading

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It has taken me fifty-five years to learn this simple suggestion. Finally, I can relax. Thanks to Steve Layman for being on ongoing, fountain of  The Truth. The Picture is from April when the Layman’s were in town for The … Continue reading

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Breakfast Is Served

I never considered trying to eat my computer screen until this morning.                       My buddy Doug, is the host.   The venue is called Eclecticity Light. This is on the menu. … Continue reading

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Take The Test

A suggestion from my buddy Doug.  Click on over  to Eclecticity Light and take the    Gullibility test. Don’t worry. There is nothing to be afraid of. You trust me, right?   Have a great day, y’all.  

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As Usual . . .

I agree with my buddy Doug aka “E” as he reports on  Pope Francis Visits The Sick. Good reporting and way to go, Scooter.   

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Why Not?

This works for me. . .    From “The Eclectic One” Be sure to read his explanation.  

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Progress, Not Perfection

Some observations from yesterday and today. It started with this: Taking The First Step It continued with a picture of a Father’s day gift that was back ordered, but has since arrived…in Charlotte.  I get it on next visit.   … Continue reading

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Go visit Doug’s blog at Eclecticity Light and congratulate him on his blogging birthday. He was my original mentor and inspiration for SVU and is much more entertaining than I am. He’s from California, was a Navy officer, spent some … Continue reading

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Filling My Dance Card This Weekend

It’s that time of the year…“The Tunamint”   A special week, even if you are not a golfer. This evening I learned that my wife and I will be hosting some dear friends from Columbia, SC for dinner on Friday evening. … Continue reading

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Who I Hang With, Pt. 1

Many of the bloggers I “hang” with, not wanting to be labeled as “Mono-thematic”, offer up a mix of wisdom, wit and music as a way of keeping things interesting. Included in this list would be the likes of: Doug, (my … Continue reading

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