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Question For Today

“Have you ever met someone so stupid that you felt bad for their dog(s)?” Hopefully, you don’t feel that way for these four Labs.   If you do, they will defend me to the death as I’m the one that usually … Continue reading

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A Girl And Her Dog

This was sent back from South Carolina this evening. Our daughter Elissa and Maggie going for a walk as the sun sets. Maggie, now thirteen and a half years old,  didn’t make the move with us and the other three … Continue reading

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Pint Size Guest

Had a furry visitor this evening. 10-week old Kobe. A tiny guy, he can fit in your pocket or can turn a kitchen table into a playground. We tried that once with the big dogs. (see below)       … Continue reading

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How To Care For Your Pack

      I spotted this picture on the wall at our veterinarian’s the other day.  I could not help but observe that there was one, critical rule left off. . .  “feed us”. A hungry dog is an anxious … Continue reading

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About Life

You can’t go back and change the past, so look to the future and don’t make the same mistake twice. If it was only that easy, eh? Thanks to @About_YourLife  

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Smart Dog

Of course, the dog is right.

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New Meaning…

…of the word “Spoiled Dog”

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Meeting At The Fence

This morning, I received a cache of some of the best “dog pictures” I have ever seen, (Thanks Edie!) You will get one a day, added to my already interesting posts….. I will call this first one “Meeting at the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to The “Puppies”

Today, our “puppies” are two years old. Most dogs stop being puppies when they are one year old. Not so fast with Black Labs. The party started this morning as Jelly, who was home alone with the dogs having a … Continue reading

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