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Once Upon A Time

A twelve-minute example from 1980,  illustrating why Mark Knopfler will go down as one of the best guitarists of all time. With credit also to the guys in Dire Straits

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List #1: Top 20 Studio Recordings

I prepared a precurser list two years ago…My top Twenty. Then and now are pretty  consistant when you factor in the new categories and how musical tastes can develope over time.. I also didn’t realize how long it would take to … Continue reading

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Southbound Again

We are heading  farther South  later today to see “Daddy’s Little Girl”  get honored as one of the “College of Sciences and Mathematics Outstanding Freshmen” tomorrow morning. (She is actually a  sophmore who transferred ) I’m sure there might be … Continue reading

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Well, She Smells Just Like A Rose….

..and she tastes just like a peach…. ****** A quiet evening with my honey…steak kabobs on the grill, salad, wine and talking about our girls. I offered to clean up because he/she who cleans, gets control of the music and … Continue reading

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News X 2

First, we have all seen the e-mails with the slightly eccentric looking people, depicted as “Photographed at Wal-Mart today” or something like that. Today, I received an e-mail entitled, “Finally, a Well Dressed Shopper at Wal-Mart”…thanks, Edie Come big….or stay … Continue reading

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Yea, I Used To Have A Scene With Him

There are some songs that become embedded in your senses….even over the decades of growing up. I remember being home for Christmas (from college) and my parents bought me this album…whenever I hear it, I see my room and recall … Continue reading

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Down To The Waterline

I was still in high school and recall listening to this song while working as a short-order cook at a Perkin’s Pancake House, (North Plainfield, NJ). I will celebrate my 52nd birthday in a few days, but I can remember … Continue reading

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