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Logic 1600

Giving @hardenkurt and Communism_Kills the credit. If it wasn’t so pathetic and dangerous for our Country, It would be sarcastic comedy, because who would ever believe something like this could happen in America?

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It Is What It Is

The political arena is making me weary…So called “Republicans” are fighting more with those that adhere to the US Constitution than being unified against their “colleagues” on the other side of the isle, who appear to be working to destroy, … Continue reading

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Who Let This Happen?

If you look at the cartoon below and say, huh?……. If you look at this cartoon and have no idea what either of the two subjects it pokes at are….. If you understand the story the cartoon is telling, but … Continue reading

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The Power To Tax?

Than you for reminding us, Kurt It’s definitely not a tax

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The Entire Deck

Forget about “playing the race card”…here is the instructional video for “using the entire deck” (HT to Roger M.) All I ask is that you watch the video below and ask yourself the following two questions…If that was Newt Gingrich … Continue reading

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