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Sunday Morning With Dean

It has been explained by Kurt over at Cultural Offering, that we tend listen to the music of our High School and College days for the rest of our lives. I am in agreement with the theory. One of the … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Music

It has been well over a year since I had a “Sunday Morning Music” post. The back story from 2011 can be found here: Music For A Sunday I learned this week that Dean Friedman will be touring in the … Continue reading

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Champagne & Resolutions

I wasn’t going to join in on all the “Happy New Year” merriment, even though I believe it will in fact, be a happy, new year. Then I saw this classic,  Dean Friedman video. I gave in.  Happy New Year.

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Sunday With Dean

The back story is here: The Sky Was Purple But It really started (unintentionally, in 2011) here:   Sunday Morning Music Here is today’s song from Dean, recorded “a few yesterdays ago”. Note: My references to Dean have caught his … Continue reading

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The Sky Was Purple

Categorize as “Rambling Memories” Back during 1978-1982,   while away at Mt. St. Mary’s University,  when it was still a “college,”  a habit was started that has spanned over thirty-five years. The lead in story:  One of my buddies there … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning With Dean…and Denise

Just another one of those sleepy, Sunday morning songs from my college days. The year was 1978…Dean Friedman with Denise Marsa. I also found this pertinent link that references the song: Jersey Girls Sing If you like the song, you … Continue reading

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“Well, Well”, Said the Rocking Chair

Occasionally, I am reminded of the days when I used to listen to Dean Friedman “records” on Sunday mornings, starting back at college. In 1984, I bought my first CD player, but it took almost nine years before I could … Continue reading

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A Sunday Song

It goes back to my college days, but for a plethora of reasons, rarely has a Sunday gone by that I have not listened to some Dean Friedman music. Here is a tune from the first album. It the melody … Continue reading

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Music For A Sunday Brunch

Two for the price of one. He is still worthily famous in Europe, but Dean Friedman never made it really big in his homeland, the USA, save his 1970’s hit Ariel. There is a plethora of his work online. All … Continue reading

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Music For A Sunday

Several of my blogging buddies routinely post music on their blogs….Kurt being the most consistent. I thought that I would try to find my favorite, Sunday song and submit it here. I also must caveat that I own hundreds of … Continue reading

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