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It’s About Fred

Here is a short story about Fred: Miracle, All Of It. My initial reaction was that it might be banal, but it took just a few seconds  for me to connect and it concluded  with a few tears.  (Tears of … Continue reading

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A Miracle, Indeed

Reblogged from David Kanigan’s Live & Learn A truly remarkable story entitled: Miracle. All Of It DK is a daily “must read” for me.  He is also a member of a special club. Be Smart. Be like Dave.  

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An Unexpected Solution

same old Continue reading

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On Blogging

David describes the blogging life here:  Bloggers Creed. A roadmap for  2017.   

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He Was A Good Dog

The internet is a strange place.   Ignoring all the “not so nice” things,  it allows you to meet and connect with people you would likely never get to meet and even if you did, it would be at a … Continue reading

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Key To Being Privileged

David Kanigan sheared this earlier today:  Privileged? Check  Good reading. I wish I saw this thirty years ago and learned the lessons. Maybe it’s not too late? Here is a pull quote:   (Don’t have time to read the article?)

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The Present

Being devoid of original thought this morning, but full of smart, blogging friends, I now turn to David Kanigan for assistance. The Present The animation is outstanding, but the story is even better.  Don’t pass this one by  

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Who We Are

I’ve been rambling  about a book of late, sometimes even  using the term “seduced”.  I don’t think I have ever used that word, referring to a book.  (At my age, I cannot recall the last time I used that word … Continue reading

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The Ghost Of Customer Service Past

A Lesson. Almost two weeks ago, on December 15th, David Kanigan posted  a story  entitled Three Generations Before You Are A Local. It was about a book he was reading and the snippets seduced me.  I decided I was going … Continue reading

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I have to leave to go to work in a few minutes, but wanted to share this with y’all. If you look at nothing else today, do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to read/watch this post from … Continue reading

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Tempus Fugit

“Time Flies” And the older you grow, the faster it seems to escape you. I thought about writing a column that consisted of nothing but cliche’s and phrases from songs,  to describe the chaos of the last few weeks as … Continue reading

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Liquids & Lessons

I came accross this panel yesterday and it is perfect in it’s message and simpleness. Regardless of which liquid you prefer, may I suggest that yo get a glass of it and read the following article: 10 Lessons for Young … Continue reading

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Who I Hang With, Pt. 1

Many of the bloggers I “hang” with, not wanting to be labeled as “Mono-thematic”, offer up a mix of wisdom, wit and music as a way of keeping things interesting. Included in this list would be the likes of: Doug, (my … Continue reading

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Furry Friends

I get get a cold /flu once every other year or so.  I can probably count the sick days I have taken in my entire life on both hands…no really. Well, It’s been almost two years and yesterday, I got … Continue reading

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Good Company

I am not alone. For most of my adult life, I thought I was the onle one….a literary mutant,  a freak of the Amazon book store, an unauthentic cheat,  living a life of deceit. If I am, so is my … Continue reading

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