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Thank You, Kurt. . .

. . . who is not a famous actor, but he is a very smart guy. This is too good not to share and I’ll be happy to take any incoming insults. Thank you, famous actors. And since you are … Continue reading

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Microagression? Really?

Kurt has a knack for being able to offer  very interesting views of our culture. Maybe that’s why he calls his blog CulturalOffering? The eight minute series of interviews found in this story should make your head spin faster than … Continue reading

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Essential Mixes: Joe Walsh

Essential Mixes: Joe Walsh Just the music…Joe has had a very long, interesting career.  In as much as I usually like to use “live” videos for my lists, in Joe’s case, the studio stuff just sounds better.  (Kurt, since I … Continue reading

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If You Like This Blog . . .

. . . You will LOVE CulturalOffering.     Today, my friend  Kurt Harden passes a milestone on the pathway of blogging life. Celebrating Eight Years of being King of the Blogosphere.  (my words, not his) Congratulations sir and I … Continue reading

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Take Me For A Fool

A week or two ago, my buddy Kurt Harden, host of CulturalOffering mentioned that he had secured tickets to see the Alan Parson’s Project in September as they tour through Newark, Ohio  . . . a little known musical mecca. … Continue reading

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Essential Mixes: Humble Pie

  There have been few bands that have had the power and presence of Humble Pie. Most bands only came close, mainly  because they didn’t have Steve Marriott. The essential list for this band could be summed up in the … Continue reading

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1,825 Days And Counting

In two and a half  hours, I will be asleep and the blog will turn five years old. A Simple Village Undertaker was born with this post. It is difficult to fathom how much has changed in my life during … Continue reading

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Tonight, I opted to cook dinner and clean up afterward…usually Alicia and I split that, but I was in a groove. We listened to Dan Fogelberg’s, Captured Angel as I cooked (Baked Flounder with pear and ginger, sauteed peppers and … Continue reading

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What Difference Does It Make?

I have decided that while spending the next six days at the beach, I will join Tumblr just to be able follow Harden easier and to laugh a little more than I have been lately.

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No Respect, No Clue.

Re-Blogged from CulturalOffering……….Thanks Kurt After The Walk…..and please get your foot off OUR DESK! Just another example of how this man disdains the history of the United States of America and has no respect for the office he holds. I … Continue reading

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Six Years & Counting

One of my blogging mentors is celebrating six years on the “Interditch”. Kurt’s blog, CulturalOffering.com, was one of my earliest influences and Kurt has been a mentor to me in the world of blogging. I have often mentioned him as … Continue reading

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A Poem

A Poem for modern times, courtesy of Kurt Harden.

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Yea, We Have An Ap For That

This is such “Classic Kurt” New, Helpful Aps A list/description of eight Aps that really will, no, REALLY WILL improve your life.

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Plan Of Action

Kurt lives in Ohio. I am pretty sure I know who he voted for. He goes back a few decades, to one of the defining movies of our generation and finds words of wisdom, comfort and motivation. A situation like … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Music

This is becoming a bit of a ritual. Kurt Harden gives us with Johnny Hartman Steve Layman gives us Brenton Wood And I give you the late, great Michael Hedges.

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