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Note To Self, Do Again.

Today, I took the advice of blogging mentor, Kurt Harden and unplugged for twelve hours of an “Analogue Sunday” It was refreshing  and I suggest you try it yourself.  No “technology or TV for a day” A rainy day in … Continue reading

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On Goals

A plethora of information can be found at CulturalOffering.com Reading Kurt’s blog will make smarter and more interesting.

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Just A Different Kettle Of Fish

In just a few weeks, this blog will be six years old.  These virtual pages have introduced me to many that I now call “friend.”  Some I have met and others are on far-away continents,  but there are common bonds. … Continue reading

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Essential Mixes — Jim Croce

I am working towards fulfilling my contractural obligation as a contributing columnsist over at Cultural Offering, Music Division. Read about Jim Croce here.  Jim Croce         I could  write a book about Croce. Unfortunately, I don’t have the … Continue reading

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Libby Says . . .

Sometimes, you don’t have to be old to be profound. It does help however, if you have smart parents.  Read about it here:  Precisely.

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Throwdown Challenge

Essential Mixes:  The Outlaws This morning, I received a thinly veiled suggestion after chiming in on one of Kurt’s  famous “Essential Mixes”. Mr. Harden  suggested that I present my “Essential Mix” for the “Florida Guitar Army”, otherwise known as  The … Continue reading

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Good Company

As I traveled up from South Carolina to the People’s Republic of New Jersey, I came to find out that I was once again mentioned on a very important, coveted list. Compiled by Internationally acclaimed blogger, Kurt Harden, it is … Continue reading

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Now A Destination

One of the joys of blogging is that you meet people you would never have met otherwise. Sometimes you meet virtually and sometimes in person….sometimes, both. Another aspect of blogging is that you “cross-pollinate” by introducing your readers to other … Continue reading

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Do Anything You Want

This morning, while doing my early morning blog surfing, I cam accross one of Kurt Harden’s “Essential Mixes”, featuring the Alan Parsons Project. I commented about how the APP provided a good bit of background music to my college days. … Continue reading

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End Times?

Well maybe? Kurt found this article and I approve of his brief assesment and just ask one question: Do these rules also pertain to pro-life, christians?…how about white, heterosexual men?….”Conservatives”?…..Tea party members?….constitutionalists? I didn’t think so. Free speech, diversity and … Continue reading

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About You

Satuday night…a tutorial from our friends “downunder”..the Winewankers. I’m a “Cab” guy, but I also like the Ports….and am growing fond of Camenere. I wish I was at the Harden’s this evening for dinner.

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Music For A Peaceful Morning

Getting the idea from one of my buddies in Ohio. Dietrich Buxtehude (c1637-1707) was one of the most important North German composers of keyboard music before J.S. Bach, whom his works had a decidedly big influence on. His trio sonatas … Continue reading

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Go Ahead

Kurt shares his thoughts on one aspect of child rearing…and he has done pretty well it seems. He is the kind of guy that I would love to be my neighbor Go Ahead

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Because Its Fun

It was a great evening. Doug Blogged about it here…Eclecticity and Kurt blogged about it here….CulturalOffering. Steve is on vacation, so he may get around to it. Go check this place out….great people….great food and like most small businesses, they … Continue reading

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