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Staying Put For Now

It seems that we have been thrown a few innings worth of curve balls this week and my trip to NJ  has to be postponed.  Hopefully, I can make it next week, but that is still up in the air. … Continue reading

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Happier Times

Recent distractions  have caused  me to  overlook a mile-post of sorts, (pun intended), when I failed to notice that  Coming Attractions  was the 2,700th post published herein, admitting without hesitation,  that some posts have been  much better than others. I’d like … Continue reading

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Go Figure

“To be tested is good.   The challenged life may be the best therapist”    –Gail Sheehy Thats funny, I’m been thinking about finding a therapist because of all the challenges in my life. Maybe I’ll just wait and save the … Continue reading

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Been an unusual and complicated week, resulting in fewer posts than normal. Most of the details, eventually will surface, but for now need to be “kept under the covers.” Just know that I have not forgotten about y’all…nor have I … Continue reading

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WordPress seems to be acting up this morning and will not let me preview this post before publishing. Hopefully, it will look presntable. If not, I’ll edit later and find a chat group of disgruntled WP users. Should not be … Continue reading

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First, as mentioned, I am toying with different headers. This one is a photo I took at Edisto Island, SC back in April of 2012. I like it, but have about a dozen to try over the next week or … Continue reading

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Awkward With A Capital A

Yesterday, I received a note from one of my buddies, inviting me to join him for a “happy hour beer” at a local restuarant. It had been a couple of months since we got together and since I had no … Continue reading

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