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Thanks to Meryl Kos for posting this on FB….Too funny.    

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Time For A Workout

It’s Friday afternoon and time for a workout. The fact that these two, panels may appear to some as being related, it is purely a coincidence. Maybe.      

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A Different View

The other side.

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Undertaker Humor

Sent to me by a “non-undertaker” friend. Thanks, John and this is the first post from home, using our newly installed internet service.

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On Colorado Beef

It’s been a long day. Forgive me.

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House For Rent

I have a house for rent.   It is in a small town and the neighbors pretty much keep to themselves. Anyone interested?  

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The Man I Have Become

I am thankful that my wife never wanted to learn how to shoot. This would be too easy of a defense for her to plead.

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Advice For Monday

Bill Keane began  drawing Family Circus cartoons on February 29, 1960, . . . five days before I was born  and  I have been  enjoying  his and his son’s  work for  as long as I can remember. Here is the wiki … Continue reading

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Take The Test

A suggestion from my buddy Doug.  Click on over  to Eclecticity Light and take the    Gullibility test. Don’t worry. There is nothing to be afraid of. You trust me, right?   Have a great day, y’all.  

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History, With A Modern Twist

I am told it is not plagiarism if credit is given. I had nothing to do with the creation of this cartoon and I do not make a stinkin penny from this blog.  (When I went to create the link to … Continue reading

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I Bet It Does.

Read Steve Layman’s Hmmmmmmm.

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Another Sad Story

Unfortunately, I feel the need to report another incident of a promising, child star who apparently could not deal with the fame and adulation…and there may have been a female involved. Thomas joins the ranks of child stars gone bad. … Continue reading

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I Feel Your Pain

‘Nuff said. Thanks for sending this, Ron…..

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Twitter Gems

Stumbled across these yesterday….

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“Well from now on, Linus, think for yourself…Don’t take any advice from anyone”…Charlie Brown

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