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Stories From The Valley

Below is a link to  an interesting column by Bob Cringely. For several years now, Bob has been my “go-to” blog when it comes to information regarding the world of technology.      Admittedly, my thirst for tech info is … Continue reading

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I Do Not Care, I Use Macs

Bob Cringely reports in….. Windows-8 Users-0 “Windows 8 is just over a month from hitting the market and my sense is that this initial release, at least, will be at best controversial and at worst a failure”..Bob Cringley

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You Mean That Algore Did Not Invent The Internet?

Not so, according to Bob Cringley The DARPA Way I started this evening by writing a very controversial column about religion, faith and death, based on a column I read this morning. Boy, was I going to get some readers … Continue reading

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No, it’s not something for Twitter. The PC Turns Thirty! Bob Cringely talks about his predictions. Life After The Personal Computer

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