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Driving Towards The Daylight

I came accross this live,  accoustic version of my favorite Joe Bonamassa song and thought you might like to hear it. (The costumes of the backup singers are just a bit unusual)   Driving  Towards The Daylight, the Lyrics: by Joe Bonamassa … Continue reading

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Just In Case You Missed It

A reality of blogging is that readers come and readers go. I mentioned a week or so ago that readers of the blog seems to be growing daily, so I thought today would be a good day to post  links … Continue reading

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A former pastor and priest-friend of mine, in his reirement  would occasionaly send out group e-mail messages with the subject “Varia-The News of The Day.”  It was an interesting way to keep up with him until his sudden death in … Continue reading

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Ebs & Flows Of Blogging

My journey into blogging began in February of 2010 and 3,590 posts later, there are a few thoughts I wanted to share.  Readers come and go:  Some of the blogs I started reading 88 months ago are still part of my … Continue reading

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The Numbers Add Up

Yesterday, I went into the admin page of my blog  and and became aware that I had just  published my 3,500th post.  Wow, how time flies! I will admit that it has been an interesting blend of quality and quantity. … Continue reading

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Your Assistance Is Expected & Appreciated

  Eclecticity Light is the second blog founded by my friend Doug.  Eclecticty was his  first. Doug was the the one who suggested I start blogging back in January of 2010, but I think he is feeling a little left out. I … Continue reading

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A Period Of Transition

I have lost (or maybe temporarily mis-placed) my blogging mojo. I have blogger’s block. It is not the first time and probably will not be the last. I have gone from creating interesting short stories  to posting PMA  quotes, cartoons, … Continue reading

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It Has Been Said . . .

. . . that you will be the same peson in five years that you are today, except for what you read and who you associate with. Here is a way get two for the price of one. 25 Blogs … Continue reading

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On Blogging

David describes the blogging life here:  Bloggers Creed. A roadmap for  2017.   

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Although they were not delivered by drone,  I did receive a few books  today. One is of great quotes  from the late, great  Zig Ziglar.    A fresh source of blogging ammunition, starting with one that was part of the … Continue reading

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Bloggers Block

It seems to be  a cyclical affliction. I’ve been blogging for  a little more than six years and I  will likely publish my 3,000th post within the next month.  There have been times where material and stories flowed like water … Continue reading

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The Present

Being devoid of original thought this morning, but full of smart, blogging friends, I now turn to David Kanigan for assistance. The Present The animation is outstanding, but the story is even better.  Don’t pass this one by  

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The Next Generation

It seems that we are finally seeing some gene expression for the “blogging sequence”.   Evolution marches  on, unimpeded.   As a way of introducing you to the work of Dave Coverly , I take no credit for the cartoon aside … Continue reading

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Situational Awareness, Pt. II

This story  borders on embarrassing, but the truth must be told and amends must be offered to several bloggers, many of whom are  readers of ASVU  for reasons that you will better understand, (hopefully)  by the end of this story. … Continue reading

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A Perplexed, Digital Dinosaur

Blogging is a joyful hobby for me.  Some of you already know that the reason I blog is to amuse myself and to provide a view out my window. Who needs a better reason? That being said, I do occasionally … Continue reading

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