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The World We Live In

. . .  brought to you each day by the editorial staff at Ecelcticity Light.  

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By Association

Kurt brings us Around The Smart Horn.   (aka “The 25 Blogs Guaranteed to Make You Smarter”) Blogging has introduced me to some very interesting people.  Kurt is one. We have shared cigars, meals, adult beverages and life challenges.  If … Continue reading

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A Larger Community

I am a better person because of blogging.  No, really. I have been introduced to a plethora of interesting  people and and facts, which would still be unknown to me  had I not been a citizen of this larger community. … Continue reading

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The Present

Being devoid of original thought this morning, but full of smart, blogging friends, I now turn to David Kanigan for assistance. The Present The animation is outstanding, but the story is even better.  Don’t pass this one by  

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Mea Culpa

…My fault. Just a brief not to say thank you to the ever growing list of viewers of this blog. I will be acknowledging the 3rd birthday of SVU in less than two weeks and I would never have thought … Continue reading

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