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Big Red, alpha male of our pack of four,  loves his tennis balls and is full of energy. One of our daughters, (Elissa)  learned that she could get him to sit/stay/settle for any period of time if she would just … Continue reading

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Fifty-Four Thousand Balls?

That is how many they use at Wimbledon each year. Came across this article in today’s WSJ. Keeping Track of 54,000 balls I know a certain dog that would be happy to take a few off their hands…..

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A Birthday Barely Noticed

Today marks the third birthday of our two “puppies”, Big Red and MacKenzie….brother and sister. Three years and lots of “fur love”. There are probably two dozen posts about them….just put “black labs” in the search box in the upper … Continue reading

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Thank you to #2 daughter, Elissa (aka Jelly) for sending me this. We know a dog like this….All he needs is a red collar…

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A Look Behind The Scenes

Of our four dogs, only one is obsessed with chasing tennis balls. Big Red just will not tire out. You throw them…he will bring it back. Even if you do not throw the ball, he will follow you around the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to The “Puppies”

Today, our “puppies” are two years old. Most dogs stop being puppies when they are one year old. Not so fast with Black Labs. The party started this morning as Jelly, who was home alone with the dogs having a … Continue reading

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A Dream Come True

Our daughter Elissa sent this earlier today. It is not of our dog, but it sure looks like Big Red. Thanks to Wimp.com A Dog’s Dream Comes True

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Water Pic

First and for the record, this is my 501 post since starting the blog in February, 2010….Thanks for reading. This afternoon, I was helping Elissa wash and wax her truck and while I was scrubbing, she was spraying and got … Continue reading

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