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New Math, Revisited

New math that we can all understand.

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Like We Need A Reminder?

I got  hungry when I read Steve Layman’s  tribute to a meat that often does not get the recognition it deserves. There are some very insightful observations found when Steve talks about bacon. Enjoy.    

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Kurt climed the mountian, met the wiseman and found the answer to the question, What is Happiness?

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What’s For Dinner?

It’s all in the details….reducing the number of steps needed to get to perfection. Main ingredients for a Club Sandwich…..endorsed by nine out of ten cardiologists.

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Science Is Good

Gritting my teeth as I stay away from politics on the morning after. The world is progressing. We see and experience it all around us…..science. Science, assisting us living better lives through discovery. Kurt uncovers the periodic key to breakfast … Continue reading

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Road Trip

Heading out in the morning to visit my parents, assorted family & friends in the People’s Republic of New Jersey for a couple of days, complete with the requisite side trips. Don’t worry, I’ll send e-postcards…… But in the meantime….

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I have so many serious things I want to blog about, but decided on this for now…

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FNF #1

Friday Night Food, #1…Bacon Marinara Sauce, thanks to a friend from Ohio, who likes Florida…Naples Girl Blog This is a keeper recipe and I’m going to try it as soon as I get the opportunity…Thanks, Cheri.

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