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Expiration Dates

The first half of this is for my oldest daughter, who wrote the manual on checking labels for expiration dates. The second half is a reminder for me and anyone who wants to listen….. Boomers may be good past their … Continue reading

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The Boomers

Caught this yesterday….an outsider chimes in, but makes good sense. Thinking Outside The Box It is always interesting to see what someone not in our field thinks about what we do.

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The Book

For the last year and a half, I have been talking about writing a book. The title was going to be : “There is Only One Family Named The Waltons…Musings of a Simple, Village Undertaker”. I had envisioned a series … Continue reading

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Fifty Is The New Thirty

Over the last week, there have been several articles that I have wanted to re-blog, but have just been stretched as far as time. I was hoping to get some computer time yesterday, but ended up going to a ten-hour … Continue reading

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