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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Earlier, our youngest daughter posted a photo of her and Barry Cook that was taken during a visit today.  Who is Barry Cook, you ask? This story began 15 years ago: It was August of 2002 and our oldest daughter, … Continue reading

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A Christian Conundrum

I am  growing weary of hearing/watching  Pope Francis’s visit…24/7. I am Catholic, and not the Christmas and Easter variety. I am also a political/news junkie and many  say that I lean to the far right in both areas. I belive … Continue reading

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A One Of A Kind, Kinda Guy

It has been my experience that people often come into our lives at just the right times and leave an permanent mark, just by being there, doing what they are supposed to be doing. They do it so well that … Continue reading

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Return On Investment

Please stick with me to the end on this one. I will consider it a personal favor if you do and I will be in your debt forever…sort of like in “The Godfather”. We all know the topics we are … Continue reading

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One Last Time

Yesterday evening, I experienced a right of passage. Yesterday evening, I attended my twentieth and last “Back To School Night” at Aquinas HS in Augusta, GA as our youngest daughter has begun her senior year. (Only the last nine were … Continue reading

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Feast of The Assumption

Part of the ongoing series of from time to time, my posting articles about my faith as a Roman Catholic. Allowing a different look out my window. Today, the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. These … Continue reading

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