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On Knowledge

“The utmost extent of man’s knowledge, is to know that he knows nothing” Jospeh Addison said this a long time ago, He lived in the late 1600’s into the early 1700’s and I suppose there was a lot less to know … Continue reading

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Got It, Mrs. Humphrey

Megan brought back a few souveniers from her mission trip to Uganda, (no, not children). Apparently, it is very common to package alcohol in pouches there. It travels well, that’s for sure. The label “Waragi”  refers to domestically (Ugandan) distilled … Continue reading

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Over the years, I have written about several teachers who had clear impacts on how I learned and what I came to be as a man. (Assuming they would be willing to be associated with that)  Today, while checking out … Continue reading

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503 Years Ago Today. Do You Remember …?

It was 503 years ago today that Pope Julius, II officially  unveiled Michelangelo’s  masterpiece(s)  at the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel.    I thought you would appreciate  knowing this and here are seven things you probably didn’t know about The Sistine Chapel to broaden your … Continue reading

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Not That I’m Bragging, But….

Once a week or so, I check my Twitter account  (@RVisotski) to see who might be following me….or un-following me. One of the beauties of communicating with 142 characters at a time is that you never know who you will … Continue reading

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I Did Not Waste This One, Mrs Humphrey

Here is another example why it is fun to be in a service organization. As the new membership committee chairman for the Aiken Kiwanis Club, it is my responsibility to encourage our existing Kiwanians to invite new, potential members to … Continue reading

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The Buzz on Bees

A few weeks ago, the speaker at our weekly Kiwanis lunch-meeting was a bee keeper by the name of Deborah Sasser and it was easy to see that she was downright passionate about “her girls”, referring to the fact that … Continue reading

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