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Theodosia Is Calling

From time to time, I will mention a current book I am reading, especially if I am enjoying it, and recomend it to my “tribe.” Today I am re-reading/recomending a book I read and commented on several months ago, partly … Continue reading

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Welcome, Number Four.

Until today, there were three, living  authors, that if they write something, I will make sure that I buy and read it. The three are: Michael D. O’brien    Andra Watkins James Rebanks Today, I added a fourth,  L. B … Continue reading

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Melding History & Fantasy

Last month I referenced a book that I was waiting for, written by one of my favorite authors, New York Times Best Selling Author, Andra Watkins.  The post was entitled, So You Want To Write A Book? I received my … Continue reading

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So, You Want To Publish A Book?

Modern technology makes it easier to connect with folks all around the world.  We can literally have virtual, ongoing conversations with people we appreciate and respect.  Social media allows us to reach out and for others to reach back. Several … Continue reading

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Movin’ On Up.

Congratulations!! to Charleston, SC author, Andra Watkins for making #9 on  the New York Times Bestseller’s list this Sunday with her second book, Not Without My Father. Yeah Andra!!       This, of course, comes as no surprise to those … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

Who is this actor? What movie is it and what year was it released? I never would have guessed the correct answer, but I’m not a big movie guy.     The first person to get all three answers correct, … Continue reading

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Not Without My Father

The long awaited launch of Andra Watkin’s “Not Without My Father” is now available.  (It’s already 3am on 1/15  in the UK) Andra blogs about her latest book  here  On The Eve of Everything  (Just a little nervous, she appears) … Continue reading

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Another Lead

So, what are you reading this week? Opening paragraphs: “This is my second book on Franklin D. Roosevelt, the first having been Roosevelt’s Secret War, a history of FDR and World War II espionage published in 2004. Both that book … Continue reading

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Broadening The Network

The older I get, the more I like going back and visiting some of my roots. Today, I was reminded of what “pot-holes” are, because they barely exist in South Carolina. NJ is full of them and I doubt my … Continue reading

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Opening Paragraphs

“A New Orleans Courtroom Thursday March 24 1977 A drop of sweat hung from the end of my nose. I watched it build, cross-eyed, before I shook my head and made it fall. It left wet circles on the front … Continue reading

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