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On Diversity

Below is a link to a great article by Richard Miniter, published today in American Thinker Blog. Regardless of how you view the concept of diversity, this article is for you and you will be well-served to read it to … Continue reading

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…..Sometimes it is fun. Delta CEO gives up seat on plane and sometimes it is not. Just Don’t Talk to me Maybe Jenny should switch to Delta?

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Two Cults For The Price of One

A very serious article from The American Thinker Blog, written by William Sullivan Barack Obama and The Cult of Dependency “…what this election signifies is that we conservatives can no longer find solace in the comforting hope that there are … Continue reading

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Poles And This Election

No, I did not mis-spell “Polls”….I meant “Poles”…as in American Citizens of Polish descent…as in people like me. Here is a telling article fromThe American Thinker Blog. Poles have historically voted democrat. It is encouraging to see they are coming … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Perspective

From The American Thinker Blog Mitt Really Proved Himself at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner About the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Here is Gov. Romney’s talk: (And there are some great lines/truths)…my favorite being: “Obama embraced by Catholics…..Romney dines … Continue reading

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Revisiting the 7.8%

Here is an article from this morning’s American Thinker Blog… You can read it in less than two minutes!. Please do so and learn something you will not hear on the network news tonight. The 7.8% Unemployment Rate in Context

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A Little Too Convenient

From the great minds at The American Thinker Blog: Just How Stupid Do They Think We Are? An in-depth analysis as to why the latest unemployment numbers are non-science fiction. If you are a voting citizen, you need to know … Continue reading

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