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Better Late Than Never

Just like many of us  play Alice’s Restuarant on Thanksgiving, I am always sure to play Steve Forbert’s January 23-30, 1978 sometimes during that week. First mentioned on this blog five years ago: January 23-30, 1978 (original studio version in link. … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, Kid.

Twas the night before Thanksgiving. . .      What song is it you want to hear? Steve Layman knows… he has heard it live. Nothing else to add.

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…Or To Die For A Cause Somewhere

I was home  the last few days while my wife and daughters were up visiting family (and building snowmen) in NJ. I’ll be making the trip to visit in two weeks and hopefully the weather will cooperate. Tending to the … Continue reading

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Look No Further

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving….”What song is it you want to hear?” No, it’s not Freebird.            “Kid, it is the Alice’s restaurant Masacree”. You can find it here, along with a dedication to the man … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving #3

OK, I have posted a prayer, Washington’s Proclamation and now, I give you the song that made Thanksgiving famous. Dedicated to the memory of one of the most special people in my life, Tom Hartmann, who introduced me to this … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Kid.

Today, Arlo Guthrie turned 66 years old. He is famous for an 23 minute-long song and our friends at Wikipedia have this to say about him. Happy Thanksgiving….in July.

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Yes, Thankful

Today is the one day we are supposed to be Thankful. Although I do not constantly tell those around me, I really live my days in a constant state of thankfulness. I am fortunate on so many levels that it … Continue reading

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What Were You Expecting, Jingle Bells?

I give you a song for the Thanksgiving Holiday……a day early to beat the rush. Some call it a movement…..some call it a cult. Either way, I am a card carrying member. Thanksgiving just is not Thanksgiving with out listening … Continue reading

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Same Time Next Year….

…as it was last year and will be forever. Happy Thanksgiving And since I’m home alone tonight, I just might have to pull out the DVD and watch the movie….

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It’s Thanksgiving, What Else Could I Post?, Oh, I Know….

For me, I can’t get through Thanksgiving without listening to Alice’s Restaurant at least three times. (Just ask my wife and daughters). Yes, it is a harmless cult of sorts, but be that as it may…. Here is the “Kid”, … Continue reading

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