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Monks Prevail

I have been following the progress of the case in Louisiana in which the state tried to shut down a monastery-based casket building business. The basis of the argument was that the building of “boxes for the dead” could only … Continue reading

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Sunday Notes

Just a quick note as today will be another 12++ hour day in a string of several. I did however, want to make two points, (with 2, random photos). Yesterday, I had the opportunity to “make arrangements with four families”, … Continue reading

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What’s One Tenth of a Second Worth?

This is from a man who is very smart….and funny. I wish I was able to spend more time around him. His name is Michael Staver and he is the president of The Staver Group. Check out Mike’s website and … Continue reading

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Aiken County Pauper Service

A long standing tradition in our great county……. Here is the report from last year. Pauper Burial Ceremony in Aiken County Five deceased Aiken County men and one woman whose bodies have gone unclaimed were laid to rest on Friday … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2011

Well, yesterday was the parade and tomorrow, Memorial Day is what is typically referred to as the beginning of summer. This holiday, intended to acknowledge the millions of soldiers that died for our freedom seems to have morphed into a … Continue reading

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Flag Etiquette

From ConnectingDirectors.com Here is an informative article. After reading it, think about the condition of your flags and if need be, please read about and consider our “Tattered Flag Program” The text of the article: My husband has a large … Continue reading

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Sunny, For now

I was walking over to grab lunch at Cafe Rio Blanco today and couldn’t help but shoot this with my iPhone. Aiken is such a beautiful place. Stormy weather on the way for the rest of the week. Enjoy it … Continue reading

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Upside Out Or Inside Down?…Should You Believe What You Read On The Internet?

Time to be serious about an Achille’s Heel of the Internet A few days ago, I met with a couple who were interested in planning ahead for their eventual funeral services. Sitting in with us that day was Ralph Crosby, … Continue reading

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Friday Night With The Boys

It wasn’t two months ago that I entertained thoughts of selling a few of my guitars and musical equipment because I wasn’t all that interested in playing, except by myself, in the privacy of the room above the garage for … Continue reading

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We Need 49 More Just Like Him

I can’t resist posting this. Go get’ em Chris. We need 49 more, just like him. It’s a long clip, but worth every second. Thanks to CulturalOffering.com Governor Christie sets a whiny liberal straight.

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Varia…The News of The Day

The title of this column is “Varia”. It was a term used by an old friend, the late Msgr. Thomas Evatt who died on July 18, 2003. When he would send e-mails to his friends about things that were going … Continue reading

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These are our father’s flags

Wow! When I first came up with the idea of soliciting old, tattered flags to be donated for us to cremate with veterans, I thought we might get a dozen or so over time. Then, Karen Daily with the Aiken … Continue reading

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Thinking When I Should Be Playing

Getting back to business…from the beach. I’m spending a few days away at the beach, or as us New Jersey folks would say, “The Shore”. Our family usually takes the first week in June as our summer vacation. Two of … Continue reading

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