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Not Just For Dogs

Martha is back visiting again and yesterday needed to go to Hollow Creek Animal Hospital for a minor complaint.  While there, she wanted to take  a selfie  in the waiting room.  (If her paws were longer, she could of held … Continue reading

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Advice From Noah

Most everything we need to know about life can be learned from Noah’s Ark… ONE:  Don’t miss the boat. TWO:  Remember that we are all in the same boat. THREE:  Plan ahead.  It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark. … Continue reading

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“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer, but wish we didn’t.”   Erica Jong  

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Some Days

Thanks to my friend Barbara for sharing this.  Are we the only ones who occasionally feel this way? “When I’m feeling down and someone tells me to “suck it up” I get the urge to break their legs with a … Continue reading

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There Is Always Tomorrow

I stopped in our local florist yesterday, looked up and saw this on the wall. Never stop trying. Thank you for the reminder, Patty Booth.

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Yes, You Do

“You have brains in your head, and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”      Dr. Seuss  

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No Pressure

No pressure this morning,  just two, pithy quotes from some friends in the aviation business, but which can be applied to just about anything:    “Never run out of altitude, airspeed and ideas simultaneously” ” You start with a bag … Continue reading

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Why Not?

This works for me. . .    From “The Eclectic One” Be sure to read his explanation.  

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The Difference

Found somewhere on Twitter…..

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“Well from now on, Linus, think for yourself…Don’t take any advice from anyone”…Charlie Brown

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