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Just In Case You Missed It

A reality of blogging is that readers come and readers go. I mentioned a week or so ago that readers of the blog seems to be growing daily, so I thought today would be a good day to post  links … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day 2016

The link below was put up  a few years ago with a pretty song almost as old as me. Happy Mother’s Day , Mother. And here is the back story:  We Choose You, which is the real story of a mother’s … Continue reading

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Sixty-One Years And Counting

Happy Anniversary to my parents who have managed to put up with each other for sixty-one years. (Well, it hasn’t been all that bad) Some new readers may not know the story, but can read it here: We Chose You. … Continue reading

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How Long?

….Fifty Nine Years! Today is my parents fifty ninth wedding anniversary. That is a long time for two people to put up with each other They are perfect in their imperfections. They are an example of how to hang out … Continue reading

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Poles And This Election

No, I did not mis-spell “Polls”….I meant “Poles”…as in American Citizens of Polish descent…as in people like me. Here is a telling article fromThe American Thinker Blog. Poles have historically voted democrat. It is encouraging to see they are coming … Continue reading

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Someone Will Buy It

I have seen this panel in so many places, I am not sure who gets the credit, but I will give it to “New Daddy“, Caleb Wilde. Congratulations on the adoption being finalized! Now Caleb, make sure you work at … Continue reading

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My Hero Too!

I returned from a short trip this afternoon and was reviewing the couple hundred e-mails that piled up while I was gone and came across a note from my friend, colleague and mentor, Jim Rudolph. He thought I would appreciate … Continue reading

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It seems appropriate to link to an article found on one of my favorite, new sites…Green Mountain Scribes Student Censored for Promoting Adoption The inmates continue to run the asylum and the battle lines have been drawn. I was having … Continue reading

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I Wonder…

Tomorrow marks the 39th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade I wonder what was going through my mother’s mind when she put me up for adoption? I wonder if she ever thought about abortion? I’m glad she made the decision she … Continue reading

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Think About It

Fr. Longenecker hits it long and straight with this Story From Jake Coffman. This is a cogent piece and as one who was adopted as opposed to aborted, I say “Thank You, Father”.

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