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Counting To Ten Is Easier If You Have All Your Fingers

The July 4th Holiday is different for those who earn their livings (or volunteer) in emergency services. During my early years, I always offered to work on the 4th as  it was likely to be an interesting day.  It often … Continue reading

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Slow News Day

It is the beginning of a long holiday weekend here in the United States and almost everything slows down to idle speed, including my brain and the internet service at the house. I was alerted however, that history tells us … Continue reading

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  May God bless and protect the USA this July 4th weekend.

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Kunzel, The Legend

Greetings and Happy Independence Day from South Carolina, the most patriotic state in the USA! This is a piece from one of my favorite CD’s. For the record, I switched to mp3’s around 2009, but still managed to amass a … Continue reading

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A Scene From Somewhere..

…later this afternoon, at a picnic, after one beer too many….(that cannot be snow, it’s July 4th) Happy Independence Day. This will be the second year that I will not be working for ADPS and missing the fireworks. Here is … Continue reading

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The Audacity of Smoke

I suppose that most blogs will feature an article referencing Independence Day. I was resisting the temptation until I read what Kurt Harden had to say about it. Personally, I never got a charge out of fireworks, (maybe because of … Continue reading

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Why We Can Still Celebrate the 4th of July

I fancy myself as a writer. Words cannot describe what I feel when I watch this. Thank a veteran today! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTb6qdPu8JE&feature=player_embedded

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