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The Desert Rat

The Desert Rat I trusted you when you asked me to come and play. You knew, but failed to warn me about the snakes. Seeing trouble growing closer,  you scampered back down your hole to safety, no alert to me. … Continue reading

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Asking For A Friend

Have you ever had so many things to say, but could not? That there is so much inside your head trying to get out that you think it may explode? Your thoughts could fill pages and pages, (screens and screens) … Continue reading

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Ice Storms, Earthquakes & Oncologists

Ice Storms, Earthquakes & Oncologists was published a few days ago by a buddy of mine.  He shares a journey that many have traveled before and closes with poignant observations and questions. Kent is a college professor/administrator and we didn’t … Continue reading

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Short Stories

Random panels I lifted off Twitter. It has been said that one picture is worth a thousand words…. Here are a few, short stories.

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