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The Chair

The Chair, 6/2/2017 Closing in on midnight, Alone in the dust, save the owls. Longing for sunrise, And the weight of a companion to share the day

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Through The Smoke

The old man lit his pipe,     Blowing smoke above and below and in the four directions. Then he blew smoke on himself to be at one with the cosmos And told the boy a story about the first … Continue reading

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Poetry Lesson

Dr. Bill Heath, former Associate Professor of English, came to Mt. St. Mary’s after I had graduated and we have never met.     Below is his roadmap for learning to appreciate poetry. Couldn’t we apply this idea to just … Continue reading

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Poetry is not something I have learned to appreciate, but every once in a while something reaches out and grabs me. The poem attached to the following link is found at an interesting blog that I discovered a few weeks … Continue reading

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