Every Journey

Every journey starts with a new idea and a first step.

Some journeys are better planned than others, but sometimes, it  seemed more important to just get started. At least it did at the time.

Since selling our remaining funeral  businesses in 2011, I have started several journeys and quite frankly none of them worked out as planned.  (Thank you God for my wife’s sense of humor and adventure).  I’ll take the final credit for things not  going well but there are several folks who played supporting roles in my movie, but with disapointing performances.  They will remain unknown, except to me, them and those that were close observers.

Today starts a new journey.

Well planned out  (hopefully) and while my experience as a business owner, funeral director and firefighter/EMT will be very useful, I am going into something completely different.

In a few hours I will fly from Augusta, GA to Detroit, MI. Then I will  have a short drive to the home office of a company I  will open/operate a branch  for over  the next ten years or so.  At the age of 57, I’m ready to bring  a new business out of the ground again  and am happy to be able to stay in Aiken to do so.

But, today, I’m taking it to Detroit.

All that to introduce this song, from the Rats To Riches record.





About Ray V.

Living in Aiken, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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15 Responses to Every Journey

  1. May the venture be satisfying, and a little bit profitable!

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  2. Dude, you’re making me dizzy with all this moving around. I’ll need 10 years just to catch up. All the best on your new adventure.

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  3. All right….I think I lost track of states a move or two ago. Which state are you in now????

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  4. Kurt Harden says:

    Congratulations Ray. Best wishes.

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  5. Life should be full of new adventures, so good sailing,walking, driving, flying, and stumbling along those adventurous paths.

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  6. Good luck in your new venture.

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  7. Best wishes on your new venture, Ray!

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  8. You are leaving us hangin’ as to what type of business this is. Come on Friend. Spill it. (Next post maybe?)

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