What Changed?

Back when I was a child, it was a common safety rule (and one strictly enforced) that we would never be allowed to go “swimming” for at least an hour after eating a meal.

That included  being at the beach and not even being able to wade in water up to your knees.   images

The rationale was that you could get stomach cramps, double over and drown.

Somewhere along the way, that rule fell by the wayside, yet I do not recall reading anywhere that kids have drowned from “stomach cramps.”

Does anyone else remember this rule or when it was done away with?

Do tell.


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13 Responses to What Changed?

  1. josiesvoice says:

    I still remember that rule—1 hour of not swimming after a meal. In my time, it was supposed to be due to one developing appendicitis if you don’t follow the rule.But the good part was that once you got your appendix removed, you don’t have to worry anymore about that rule. I knew someone’s child biking less than 1 hour after a meal most of the time and eventually contracted appendicitis for which it was removed.Accdg. to his parents, the doctor told them that it was because of that broken rule. I guess it means that Mother Nature wants us to give our digestive system time to do its work and if we aggravate it by moving around prematurely, then digestive imbalance can happen.

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  2. I remember the rule. It was done away with shortly after my mother stopped supervising our swimming outings.

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  3. I remember the rule too! I think it was done away with after so many rule breakers proved it false. 🙂

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  4. Yes we had to adhere to that too. Perhaps it was just to give the parents a break from lifeguard duties.

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  5. E. says:

    It was 30 minutes in California!

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  6. Yes I remember it well. We had a pool in our backyard and our parents strictly adhered to it. When it changed….I have no idea.


  7. Pam Skiles says:

    I remember the rule being 20 minutes in NJ back in the 1960’s. By the time of my children I still adhered to the 20 min. Rule but instead of cramps it was to prevent vomiting if food was not settled enough.

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  8. Rusmir Radic says:

    I have swam with food in my stomach, like right after eating…. and I got wet!

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  9. The rule existed in UK too. Probably still does. We are a bit slow to change!

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