Counting To Ten Is Easier If You Have All Your Fingers


Chris has seen his share.

The July 4th Holiday is different for those who earn their livings (or volunteer) in emergency services. During my early years, I always offered to work on the 4th as  it was likely to be an interesting day.  It often was and I still remember lots of fireworks injuries, including picking up  a few fingers, packing them in ice and transporting them along with the person they were formerly attached to, on an ambulance ride to the hosptal. (It was the only day of the year we  carried a full ice chest on the rig)

Good times, indeed and probably  the reason I still don’t like “do it yourself” fireworks.   (Someday, I”ll explain why I’m not a big fan of motorcycles!)

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Thanks Sgt. Mike.

The fact that alcohol and explosives are not the best of friends will be played out today accross the Fruited Plain.  If I reacall from my days on the board of the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation, July 4th is usually the busiest day of the year at the JMS Burn Center in Augusta, GA (busiest burn center in USA)

A few LE/Fire/EMS friends made reference to the day on social media because they “been there, done that”

Have fun today, celebrate the day and in the words of Sgt. Esterhaus. . .





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3 Responses to Counting To Ten Is Easier If You Have All Your Fingers

  1. I find it increasingly strange that explosives are openly sold to anyone old enough to buy them. Fireworks are getting bigger, more powerful, noisier every year. I firmly believe they should only be supplied to trained and licensed specialised display companies. (and don’t get me started on the right to bear arms!)

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    • I agree about the fireworks, but as a former instructor for concealed weapons permit in our state, I have a different perspective. As I often tell my wife, if two people always agree, one of them is not necessary. Thanks for your continued insight. 👍

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  2. Debra says:

    My stepson nearly blew himself up one 4th! Quite the story and we laugh NOW, but not at the time! Alcohol was probably involved. My daughter is an ER nurse and has some doozy stories, as well. We can’t even have fireworks in our city, although they are in neighboring towns and we can hear them.. We have to stay home and care for a nervous dog who knows these things are dangerous! I enjoyed the Hill Street Blues memory. That show was a favorite of mine!

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