Here I Come, Elizabeth

A little dramatic, but not exagerated.

I rarely get sick.   Maybe a cold/flu every other year, but for the most part, the bugs that  go around seem to go around me. . .  until the other night.

e255ba4881de320175307093a0d29749.jpgI mention this event, mostly because of the emotions it provoked at it’s onset.   A first for me.

Monday evening, 6:00pm….feeling a little tired and sweaty from being outside with the dogs, I decided to take a shower before dinner and almost passed out as I was drying off.  I made my way to the bedroom and fell  on the bed, barely able to move.  The onset was very sudden.

Laying there, I was thinking that this was what  “the big one” must be like. I sensed that I was looking down at myself from the ceiling (a view reported in many near death experiences) and that this may be an appropriate time for a prayer or two.

After awhile, when I realized I wasn’t going to die, I got up and  went out to tell  Alicia I didn’t feel well and was going  to bed.

Every bone, joint and muscle ached  (yeah, I’m a big baby. Guilty as charged.)

Thinking that this might be the beginning of a stomach virus, Alicia had the insight to go to the store and secure some ginger ale and ginger paste, a caring wife indeed.

I never “got sick”, but had sweats/chills  for several hours and aside from a few, short waking moments,  slept from 7pm Monday evening  until 3pm on Tuesday afternoon.

I woke up and felt as if nothing had happened and enjoyed a late lunch.

That was interetsing and hopefully, now I’m good for another year or two.

Sorry Elizabeth.  You’ll need to wait a while longer.




About Ray V.

Living in Aiken, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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7 Responses to Here I Come, Elizabeth

  1. lisanne3015 says:

    Uhmm…forgive me for seeing two different things here. First, humor…love the Fred Sanford admission and I appreciate the Wed. morning laughter and TWO…because I know, perhaps you hit a wall or were about to hit a wall face first and God had to put you to bed to stop your rush towards whatever. ???

    I’m glad you are better. Now look for the good thing that’s coming unexpected today!

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  2. I always suffer silently – as long as everyone knows I am suffering silently. Glad you’re feeling better.

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  3. I bet the policies were checked to make sure you hadn’t cancelled them!

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  4. Funny how this happens. Someone sending us message, to better appreciate the good days

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