On Traditions & Etiquette



Leslie Claire (L) & Elissa, year 7

The 2017 Masters Tournament has come to an exciting end and many of us are left to ponder the great traditions of this event.  It has been a few years since I attended, but our middle daughter, Elissa attended her seventh Masters yesterday,  with her friend Leslie Clare.

There were two “firsts” this year. One, it was the first time that I didn’t prepare  their special “Masters Morning Breakfast” (We live in Cincinnati now) and it was the first time they would attend with engagement rings on their fingers, as both will be married before next April. The question I asked is whether Leslie Clare will  take her husband or her Maid of Honor to Augusta in 2018?

They attended the tournament on Saturday and Elissa flew out here earlier today to spend a few days with us.  She brought Saturday’s “2017 Pairings and Starting Times” sheet.  That is a single page, handed out to all the patrons as they arrive. One side shows a map of the grounds and some rules of conduct.  The flip-side, shows all the pairings/starting times for the day and has a section on eitquette, which they take very seriously.

Here is their statement on etiquette:

Masters 1

I’m not a golfer, but there is somethong about The Masters that is magical for me.  Maybe it was because I lived in the Augusta area for 15 years and attended to tournament three times? Maybe it’s because I appreciate tradition and attention to detail?  Maybe, just because.

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  1. This MUST have been special.

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