Did You Know?

This is a little outside of the norm, but interesting nonetheless.


That Western Australia produces and exports both diamonds and talc. That is both the hardest and the softest minerals on earth.

BASF extract beta carotene from the pink lake near Port Gregory in WA. It is the world’s largest beta carotene production plant.

That Broome has the only RSL Club in Australia that doesn’t have walls. Which is not as silly as it sounds as it is a high roofed pavilion like those that you see in tropical resorts.

Derby is close to the halfway point between Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. Which is ironic as Geraldton to Derby was our very first commercial air route in 1922 before even Qantas got off the ground.

Sandalwood is a parasitic plant and is grown on several different host plants making for the most attractive plantations filled with a variety of trees. In Kununurra they are capturing the world market with their sandalwood.

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